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Alabama Toll Roads

Alabama toll roads, like the Alabama Expressway, connect your truck and service fleets to northern neighbors without the hassle of interstate congestion. Although toll roads in the region are convenient, they contribute to your business's expenses. All-in-one software from Bestpass provides data to optimize your routes and toll discounts while eliminating manual payment processes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alabama Toll Roads

Reducing Alabama toll road costs takes strategy and information. Here are frequently asked questions and answers to help you make sound decisions about the best toll payment and management solutions for your fleet.

1. How Can You Pay for Toll Roads in Alabama?

Your truck or service vehicle fleet can pay Alabama tolls using a compatible pass or cash. The Beach Express also offers toll-plate payments where you receive an invoice by mail. The Montgomery Expressway accepts credit card payments.

Commercial companies can leverage transponder-based systems to pay with Bestpass software.

2. How Much Do Toll Roads in Alabama Cost?

Alabama toll costs depend on how many axles your fleet vehicle or truck has. Commercial vehicles can expect to pay:

  • $3 for two axles
  • $3.50 for three axles
  • $4 for four axles
  • $4 plus $0.50 for each axle over four

These rates can change depending on the method you use to pay.

3. What Happens if You Fail to Pay Toll Fees?

If you are leveraging a generic Alabama toll road pass system and your funds are insufficient when going through a toll gantry, you will receive an invoice via mail. This invoice will have the toll amount plus administrative fees tacked on. If you fail to pay your toll fees, you will incur fines, and your vehicle’s registration may be suspended.

The Bestpass system is unique. Our team manages your systems and devices so your transponders won’t run out of funds. You can also track your fleet's individual vehicles to see device status and prepaid amount, offering complete transparency.

4. Is Using an Alabama Toll Pass More Cost-Effective?

Leveraging the Bestpass system is more affordable than using toll-by-plate methods or cash. We access discounted prices for commercial clients.

5. Can Your Truck or Service Fleet Company Put Plates on File?

Your truck and service fleet company cannot put plates on file with tolling authorities. You can partner with Bestpass to benefit from plate-on-file functionality. We have the authorization to place plates on file, so if the toll gantry misreads your transponder device or pass, we’ll have your plates on file to process toll fees — saving you violation costs and admin.

Streamline Your Fleet's Toll Road Costs and Administration Tasks With Bestpass

You spend considerable time trying to manage your toll road costs and avoid penalties. Despite your team’s best efforts, you cannot access relevant data and stay on top of invoices coming in. Bestpass offers a one-platform, one-partnership solution to simplify truck and fleet toll management. Get an instant overview of toll amounts per vehicle, gantry costs and data to help you optimize your routes. Leverage the software to eliminate manual processing and payments and minimize violations.

Save time and money and make toll management frictionless with one intuitive solution — contact us online.

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